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Dragoon Artefact2 5/5, finnaly the Wyrm Armet !!!

Today we done Dynamis-Xarcrabat...

we killed all NMs include the Draoon NM KingZagan and no DRG drop...

i was so sad about that because it was the 8time no without a drop on the NM .___.

but that wasnt the end of the run ....

like 20minutes later we fought soe RDm-Mobs...i havent believe that my WyrmArmet will drop on a Mob... but a second later O.O!!!!!!




I was the first lotter on the DRG AF2 today and now,you see i got finally my WyrmArmet *___*

i´m so happy about the drop ^^

here are some pics from Orphen in 5/5ArtefactArmor :









 Now i have to solo more my DRG and more Pet-PTs :3


Thank you so much to all EuroDynamis Members,thank you. 


16.4.08 07:35

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