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Aion, first impression after 2weeks~

Hello everybody,


i know i havent post anything in the last 6month i think...

Much things changed, one of them:


- kinda quited PWI now... (well, more a break i think)

- started Aion


With this post, i wanna show a few moments of my charackter "Orphen", here we go:











All this pic´s are now from Abyss regions - PvEvP (Player vs Enemy vs Player)


I have to say that Aion is much fun but needs lot of work still...

- not enough support, needs 24hr support

- more quests

- more equipment

- a chance to make the chat-window darker 

- maybe a "claimed-status" on mobs you attacked, very annoying that everyone can attack your mob and steal exp or even steal the kill

- ~~~


Quests... nothing new here, like in any other MMORPG its:

- kill that

- get that drops

- brig this to NPC-A then to NPC-B

- kill XX mobs in this time


Campaign-Quests are the story-quests about one. Very interessting.

 - Very good thing on Aion are the dubbed-CS


The mass-PvP is much fun but that Asmodaes allways got more people then Elyos sucks a lot and makes it really hard to win a battle but i wont give up :D


Group-system... its ok but could be better.


More pics from my other charackters:  







11.10.09 22:38

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